Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where is GOD? What is the definition of GOD?

I used to receive forwarded emails from my friends. One among those forwarded mails had a totally shocking power point presentation titled "Two Extremities" and it showed  2 extreme sides of the world.
1. The big and luxurious house of the ruler of abu dhabi
2. The starving people of Sudan

My point is not  about those photographs of the luxurious ruler  or the starving people of sudan, because thats a well known factor, But, something that really bothered me was the  Power Point which said that we should be thankful to GOD for keeping us in good condition, unlike the  people starving in Sudan.

My question is, Don;t you think we are selfish? If GOD  really exists(I am not getting into the debate here), why people should suffer in such a vulnerable condition  on one side and , why on the other side people like  the ruler of Abu dhabi  live such a mind boggling luxurious life??

After  looking at these 2 extreme sides in these photographs, how can we be thankful to GOD for keeping us in good condition?? Basic fundamental statements looks a big blunder to me, like, "all the creatures are child of GOD", Atleast, Shouldn't all the humans be treated alike?

Is GOD selfish?? creating one side of the world to live  such a luxurious life and creating other side of the world  to live such a nasty, merciless life?? And when we ask these questions, we get different answers. One of the answers that we get is "after seeing such a nasty condition of people who suffer , we should realize how gifted we are". Does GOD do not have anyother ways to realize these things?? Why should we realize that we are gifted at the cost of the other people sufferings? How can we be thankful to GOD here??

What is the definition of GOD?

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